Oil, gas and waste oil can be used.
Low cost and economical
Compact and light
The Olympia's DM type high temperature air generating furnaces are made only of steel sheets, without using special fire-resistant materials.
Because no fire resistant materials are used, high performance can be realized in drying,heating, prevention of white smoke, and deodorization by quick start and cooling off.
We are convinced that its high performance and economical fuel advantages can satisfy all of our customers.
HFully-automatic Controls
GOil, Gas and Wasted Oil can be
@ used.
FShort Start Time
EEasy Repair
DCheaper Cost
CSmall Space
BWide-range Control
AComplete Combustion
@High Efficiency and Economy in
The fuel flow rate is automatically controlled according to the load change, and the output of hot air is automatically temperature-adjusted.
A, B, and C Heavy Oil, kerosene, diesel fuel oil, city gas, LNG, producer gas, and wasted oil can be used.
Because no fire-resistant materials are used, required high temperature air can be exhausted at the same time of starting.
Reinstalling the fire-resistant material is not necessary, and repairs are hassle free and inexpensive.
Because no fire-resistant materials are used, we can offer the furnace at a reasonable cost.
Because fire resistant materials are not used, the furnace is compact.
Because of inside duct (combustion chamber), there is no generation of unburnt carbon at the time of low combustion.
Because of inside duct (combustion chamber), combustion can be made completely without cooling off by (diluted) air.
Because the use of non fire- resistant materials economizes fuel, efficiency is increased while heat loss is reduced.